ALISON ENGELS is a range of unusual jewelry, objects & recycled kimono designs. Each piece is selected or made with an eye for traditional craftsmanship, quality, outstanding beauty and tells its own unique story. From peculiar antiques Alison scavenged on her travels, to unique designs made in India and a selection of new pieces by other designers and artists.

The story of Alison starts with a poisonous ring from Indonesia. This strange artefact was given to her by her late father when she was a small girl, as a souvenir. It sparked her desire to travel to exotic places and embedded a deep fascination for odd objects, especially jewelry.

Years later her wandering soul set journey to India, where she fell in love with Hindi culture, people, nature, colors and aromas. When staying in the magical Rajastan the stars aligned.
Her beloved childhood necklace fell from her neck and broke. Her search for someone to fix it led her to a small, hidden antique shop. She bonded with the owner over their shared love for found objects with fascinating stories.

What happened next was a stroke of faith. His uncle, who happened to be a jewel maker, came to pick her up on his motorcycle to repair her necklace. Upon entering his workshop, she was blown away by his craftsmanship. The pieces of the puzzle clicked. It was there and then that Alison decided to create this line.
The pieces she collects and sells are mostly extremely rare finds. The pieces she designs are all handmade, new and inspired on her own art practice.