hydraterende spray voor haar
hydraterende spray voor haar

Herbal Spray Calendula


 Great hydration for skin & hair!


Calendula herbal spray  is what remains after steam distillation of calendula essential oil. The plant material used in essential oil distillation imparts water-soluble aromatic and therapeutic properties to the hydrosol of the plant.

Calendula spray is considered one of the best distilled hydrolates for hair care. It strengthens the roots, stimulates hair growth and prevents thinning hair. Its effectiveness increases when mixed in natural oil and applied to hair.

Use as a spray throughout the day on your hair and face.

Calendula spray gives an uplifting refreshing mood.

Also use calendula as a room spray as it helps remove odors. Apart from this, it balances the scent of the room, making your mood feel uplifting, energized and refreshing.

As a facial toner, the calendula flower is said to stimulate the growth of collagen that our bodies naturally produce and lose over time. Because our skin loses collagen, wrinkles and lines deepen. Calendula flower water is also antibacterial and helps with topical pain relief from minor scrapes and minor cuts.

Calendula hydrosol is even more effective in regulating excess sebum. After cleansing and drying your face, put some on cotton wool and dab it on your face.

Calendula spray can be used to effectively and immediately treat redness and itching of the skin. Spritz on acne as needed throughout the day.

The spray has moisturizing and cooling properties. Calendula flower water also helps refine pores by cooling the skin.

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