kimono 2 - long sleeve aubergine

kimono 2 - long sleeve aubergine


This Kimono is HANDMADE from 100% recycled vintage Silk

 Kimono 2 is a model with long sleeves, and is less long then kimono 1. 


Each piece is one of a kind and very unique. All Kimono's are made from upcycled sarees that are carefully selected and turned into a unique design. Sarees are the traditional wear of Indian women. Each Saree is turned into a new piece and is given a new life.

The kimono has a black silk belt, so you can wear it open or wrap it as a dress. 

They are very lightweight and comfortable. 

Over knee length, oversized model (fits size 38 - 46)

ONE SIZE - loose fit 

100% silk, treat with care 

Silk is very lightweight, feels fresh and super comfortable on the skin. Silk is a delight in hot weather yet can be worn over your clothes in winter too. The multifunctional kimono can be worn in all occasions. Wear it as a fancy dress or over your joggers !


Please note that as the pieces are fully recycled, they had a previous life so small imperfections can occur. 


*To increase the longevity of your silk garments, we recommend handwashing them in cold water with gentle silk detergent. Iron silk on lower temperature.


*all items are incl. 21% vat